I haven’t had any reason to write about Far East Movement or AlunaGeorge for quite some time. It is super nice to be able to catch up with them both together as they have a new collaboration out, “Nice Things” also featuring Henry Lau. Brought to fame by their 2010 smash single “Like A G6” the hitmakers are about to unleash their sixth album through their label Transparent Arts, working in collaboration with Chinese music streaming company NetEase. The trio began work on their upcoming full-length record as far back as 2018. The focus of the release stems around China and is described as a ten-song musical about self-discovery set in the lush backdrop of the country’s most beautiful cities. Each track reflects stories about love and life, features some of China’s biggest stars.

We first noticed, Far East Movement because of their sick, hip-hop meets electro beats, although in recent times their style has undergone one or two phases of reinvention. During the change-up, and tweaks in their style, the FM dance vibe has been preserved and still beats, strong. It is very noticeable in fact, over time, Kev Nish, Prohgress and DJ Virman have definitely concentrated on the dance element more.

The collaboration of HENRY (Lau), AlunaGeorge and Far East Movement on “Nice Things” is not only a meshing of global cultures and styles. The track is a pretty, neat and tidy offering in comparison with the ordered but fresh chaotic energy FM came out with back in the day. The distinctive voice of Aluna Francis on its own is a stellar feature of the track, teaming it with the equally dreamy vocal stylings of Henry Lau makes the collaboration even dreamier still. I am still writing about a Far East Movement track, by the way. I know it may not appear so, because of these gentle grooves being entirely different from what we’ve known of their music to date. Exploring topics around life and love feels new too. Although we’ve been most familiarised by them making tracks about hanging out in clubs, the theme has its limits. I guess they exhausted their use of that theme, some time ago, huh?

Far East Movement have been, whack, bringing us the sickest, and illest beats. At this point in time, they are preferring to bring us nice things, where the gentle grooves and dreamy vocals make for a pleasant surprise.

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