by Raj Rudolph

Somedays there is nothing better in this world for me than playing Bim's amazing debut album "Scatterheart".  I can quite easily get lost in it's deep and emotive electronic beats and ballads for days – it's perfect London music if there is such a thing.  This buzz band quite easily entranced me from the moment I heard their early tracks "The Battle" and with every new track they produce, my ears simply can't get enough of the magic this duo creates.

Today Bim have just released a new track called "Scream" and it's just amazing.  Yes, amazing.  I'm in audio love to say the least.  You can listen to "Scream" in it's pop, acoustic and remix form below.  I suggest you do, you would be silly not to.

If you like "Scream" make sure to pick up their debut album "Scatterheart" on iTunes whilst you wait for their new tuneage to drop.

Scatterheart - Bim