Friends! Something of great importance has happened, and I need you to stop what you are doing immediately. (Even if that means putting down an ice-cold beer.) Well, you know how we are yet to have a new solo (not a collaboration) Dragonette track in a while. The release of “New Suit” today marks a change in that. Using her professional moniker. The highly sought-after songwriter Martina Sorbara shares the first solo Dragonette track since the 2016 “Royal Blues” album era. Promising more new music news to come later this year.

Dragonette describes “New Suit” as a “power-pop pep-talk”, and a “mash-up of retro and contemporary sounds and imagery.”

The statement Is sure to fuel the excitement for the upcoming highly anticipated new music.

Although, Martina has appeared on several dance-pop and EDM track collaborations in the wake of the last Dragonette release. It is business per usual for “New Suit.” As in previous releases, there is a return to the project’s signature, wonky synth-pop stylings. And we are spellbound once more at Martina’s dreamy, beautiful voice. Although, maybe we should not get too comfortable as the song advises, “Change. Coming. Feel me in my brand new suit.”

With this Are we being eased into the new material? A pre-cursor to a future shake-up? I hope I will not have to dwell on that for too long.

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Staying with “New Suit,” for the moment. Martina Sorbara shares. “The lyrics include classic words that are intended to ping-off digital era concepts. But at its heart, the song is about finding your way back to your power while the world keeps shaking up your life”.

With that, I guess that we can safely assume writing these songs helped Martina stay occupied throughout the pandemic. There are not many things to come out of the pandemic that we might be grateful for. New solo music from Dragonette is one such cause for celebration. Hurrah.

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