I'm really into the dirty electro of The Slips.  I first wrote about them in February of 2008 and over the past few years they've really perfected their highly-energetic and seriously hardcore party anthems to the point where they are now uber serious contenders in the dance world.  

The Slips will release their new rave-tastic single "4 Elements To Make Good Music" on September 6th and you can hear it right here on EQ ahead of it's release.  

"We’re so excited about bringing "4 Elements To Make Good Music" to the live circuit.  We’re extremely proud of the new single and can’t wait to show crowds what we’re made of." says Rob Haggett of The Slips.

If you're into your serious electro, like I am – I think you'll love "4 Elements".  I get pitched tons of souless dance and electro every day, most of which ends up in the Recycle folder, but what The Slips are doing is totally up my street.  Play this one really loud EQs.

Check out The Slips on MySpace.