So Robyn just unleashed her new Röyksopp collaboration on us called "None Of Dem" and you can hear it right now on her official website – right now.  What do you think?  It's kinda got a fun dancehall feel to it and I quite like this new Caribbean flavour she's mixing up in a few of her new songs.

I love the fact too that she's unleashing so many songs on us this year – it's like hurricane Robyn is blowing back into our lives.  What did Robyn have to say about unleashing all her new recordings on us this year?  She said this…

"I got all these great songs so why not? It’s been 5 years since "Robyn"
and I didn’t want to wait with a release until they are all recorded,
so I decided to start putting them out right away. I also can’t wait to
play live again and this enables me to tour and record at the same
time. I just want to keep making music!"