EQ fave Madison has been working hard in the studio putting the finishing touches on his debut album and he's just put a new snippet of a club remix to one of the new songs called "Extremes" up on his MySpace player for you to have a listen to.  Immediately you'll hear the Madonna "Get Together" comparison which I think is pretty hella cool.

I asked Madison about the track and the pending album release and he had this to say…

"I wrote "Extremes" a few months back, the
lyrics are about a certain someone I know, who always has ridiculous
extreme views on everything, but I wont' say who!  The album so far is really cool electro and chill out in its vibe, but
the tune you'll hear on my MySpace is a club/dance remix by a new friend of mine Gal, from Israel,
who made me sound a bit Cher in this mix – not that i'm complaining!"

Fabulous.  I can't wait to hear some of the new tracks!  If you havne't discovered Madison yet, he's been a regular fixture on EQ and the EQ Live night for the past few years – just do a search for him below!

Madison on MySpace