Photo: Jen Painter

Since being introduced to the synth soaked indie pop of New York emerging artist Evvy, we have found ourselves to be willing listeners to the easy on the ear shimmering wistful melodies which come together now to define the signature sound of Evvy’s self-titled debut EP.

Compiled of seven tracks inclusive of both “Got Me Movin’” and “Collide” previously reviewed here on EQ Music, the span of the EP journeys through dreamwave spun moments of introspection to dynamics of synth euphoria and sheer key composed glistening bliss.

One of our favourite picks from the EP is the glowing up tempo pop tune “Never Let You Go” which flows readily influenced of both of the EP’s featured character attributes of floaty mellowness and sweetly spiced upbeat synth arrangements, leading into a rousing flush of resplendently chirruping chorus all at the vocal command of the independent pop songbird.

And that’s just it, as an independent synth-pop release Evvy’s EP is a delight of graceful and beautifully expressed intensity to behold. (i.e. it’s very good indeed!)

Full stream ahead – Listen to the complete EP