Well, this is a first for me. I have never had the pleasure of checking out nor listening to any artists/producers from Asuncion, Paraguay before. The artist formerly known as Legna Zeg (who I had also never heard about before) shows some good strength in versatility when releasing his debut single “Never Let Me Go” (under his new moniker Ascnd). This modern electronic-pop producer has roots in metal music. It has nonetheless given him the fundamental skills that enable him to work in many different genres, such as dubstep and making the transition over to EDM as he has successfully achieved on “Never Let Me Go“.

I feel this is a musician who is passionate about music in all its forms, and because of this, his music listening choices are wonderfully diverse and varied. With “Never Let Me Go” it definitely seems as though he’s studied the techniques of Marshmello and The Chainsmokers because all of these vibes feel present on the track. The melody in the verses is kind of dreamy and mellow as with Marshmello’s quieter stylings. There is some definite, The Chainsmokers influence in the instrumental bridge sections, however. Also, a few electric guitar accents here and there give a nice nod to his background in metal music. The final addition of honeyed, dreamy vocals from a mystery female vocalist, gives the track an extra hit of ear-pleasing allure. All adds up to Ascnd’s clear intention with wanting to carve out his own musical path.

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Never Let Me Go” shows that Ascnd has a great sense of melody while, breathing a new rock ethos into electronic music. He effectively marries an unexpected hybrid mix of styles, perfectly with a soothing original vocal. A marriage made in heaven as they say. What I most like about Ascnd, he has some strong ideas and is up for smashing preconceptions to smithereens. This is a very promising first step, how soon will it be before he’s infecting the masses with his bangers?

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