Since electro-rock band Sohodolls reunited in 2022. A comeback sparked by Madonna sharing a TikTok clip of her daughter Estere dancing to the band’s iconic track “Bang Bang Bang Bang.” The band has subsequently set to work, unleashing new tracks. 2022, comeback track “Letter to My Ex (Thank You, Goodbye)“, followed by an EP “Queen of Spades” and focus singles “What Kinda Love,” and “Mother Wouldn’t Like It,” lifted from the band’s upcoming album.

Additional to the above is the latest offering, “Napoleon Baby,” where the band notably comments “it is the most pop-sounding song Sohodolls has ever made“.

In keeping with the bands signature traits and going beneath the dark electro-rock clashed with a new wave-styled exterior. The Maya von Doll penned track channels a complex and thought-provoking lyrical narrative.

“The song is about the pursuit of ambition at all costs.” says Maya von Doll. “I talk about what pursuing a music career has cost me – friendships, relationships and even the loss of better financial opportunities”, she explains.

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Furthermore, in “Napoleon Baby,” Maya doesn’t scratch around the surface. She deep dives into her feelings, exploring the negative effects she experiences while committing to realising the best version of her musical self. Battling with her true calling, self, set goals and desire to achieve success.

“I linked the track to ‘Napoleon’ because there’s a historical suggestion (whether true or not) that his ambition and drive was born out of an inferiority complex. So, in the song, I’m imagining success and I’m imagining thanking my inferiority complex for the art I’ve created”, she reveals”.

The candid and introspective portrayal of the challenges of artistic expression through a musical composition is a remarkable departure from the norm for a music artist. However, in the case of Sohodolls, a band known for forging their own creative path, the narrative is strikingly in harmony with the band’s distinct stylistic and lyrical identity.

Undoubtedly, the track is pioneering and masterfully embodies Sohodolls’ diverse influences in an electrifying and compelling manner.

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