Australia’s latest emerging stars of electronic pop Safia, are going in and dropping their debut album “Internal”.

Now as a band, we’ve come to recognise that these Aussie beatmakers lend quirky eccentricies within their poppingly impressive beats. It is not within their stylizing to play it safe, as all that we have heard from them toes the line, bordering off-centre. This can make them appear as one of two things: a) unpredictable and b) noticeable. Merits that equally show strength working in their favour within the EDM arena they find themselves packaged into.

This being said, as “Internal” lands with a certain amount of anticipation that it will largely offer up some alternatively sought magic moments. The final countdown track “My Love Is Gone” comes leaping out like a rallying cry with a freakishly haunting definition given out by Ben Woolner’s somewhat soul-stirring formed vocal.

The track manages to glisten with level of poignancy amongst its sonically charged backdrop and it kinda falls more in line with the works of their fellow Aussie forerunners The Presets, in overall feel.

Safia set out to give us music to dance too. They not only achieve this by power of a driving beat that will have us twitchy all over. To this, they add a smattering of Safia trademark out-of-the ball park quirks into the equation that make it wholly identifiable to them.

Can we in our minds eye see an Aria with Safia’s name etched upon it winging its way into the hands of the band in the not too distant future? I wouldn’t be surprised at all! At the very least of it, a nomination surely!