Some could argue that too much of today’s modern made electronic pop factors in, of-the-moment favoured R’n’B vibes. Whilst, this is true of a majority of the trending and mainstream offerings out there, it’s not to say that electronic-pop sensible, lovers are not catered for if we keep our wits about us and seek out finds in the right places.

During one of our latest discovery adventures around the webisphere, we stumbled upon one such smoldering morsel, exuding mucho tastiness. Which is somewhat satisfying our needs and giving us a total dance pop hit of power that feels as though it could turn into something of a whole lot bigger concern in the long run.

Canada’s David Spekter started out as a percussionist of all things, yet it’s clear to us now as we listen to his debut single “Mutual” he shouldn’t be hidden away at the back of a stage or out of view in a recording studio. Let’s just say it feels like the ambition has always been there to create music as an artist in his own right, but David waited out until he knew the time felt right to do it. And so coming through the ranks as a songwriter / percussionist working for big labels in pop and dance music such as Armada, Big Beat, Universal Music Group UK among a selection. He’s flying solo with his debut EP about to drop early next year.

With the caliber of his debut track “Mutual” so strong and capturing us right in the feels by way of its depth and overall achingly mega coolness. It gives a full seamless measure of dark pop vibes but skillfully combines an upbeat rhythmic element to it which carries this above the underlying shades of melancholy tones that in-turn make David Spekter’s swoonful vocals and musicality hard to ignore.

All of the above and top quality production. All-in-all deserving of our and your attention when it comes to new music discoveries. You’ll be drawn in like us in no time.