Finally a new album from Little Boots! After months of buzz hits like “Every Night I Say a Prayer” and “Headphones,” the London singer (and sometimes DJ) released a new single from her upcoming sophomore album “Nocturnes.” “Motorway” is modern dance-pop at its best. Upon first listen it sounds like a hidden track from the latest Pet Shop Boys album. The vocals are sweet and airy, painting that classic pop queen sound with every note. The production follows her whisper-like voice as it leads to an incredible vocal build up that is complemented by rightfully placed dance chords.

With this new single comes confirmation that the highly anticipated album is due out on May 5th. We have not heard a full length album from Little Boots since her first release, “Hands” in 2009. We have been expecting new material since the 2011 release of “Shake.” The announcement arrives just in time for the sunny spring playlists. Since none of the buzz singles sound alike it is hard to tell what we will expect from “Nocturnes.” But hey, any album released on my birthday sounds like a good time!