Swedish pop sensation Darin dropped off his first single of the year in March. “Electric” is an English-spoken offering from the electro-pop wunderkind. Yet now it becomes clear what was in the planning all along. Since to follow up, Darin just released “Moonlight” another track recorded in English. Although, more specifically the single release comes hot on the heels of Darin’s first UK headline gig announcement. Darin will play “Colours, Hoxton” on June 4th.

It’s incredible to think about how long Darin has been on our radar. And to marvel at how his English fans have wished for this show to happen. Notably, during the last few years, it has been brought to our attention, Darin is working more with English songwriters and producers. Names such as Jamie Hartman, Paul Harris and Wayne Hector. And so, it is fitting that Darin now really wants his music to break the UK. Similarly, with the new single “Moonlight,” British singer-songwriters in their own right, Connor Maynard and Leo Stannard and Will Simms (The Vamps, Pussy Cat Dolls) are credited as co-writers. Alongside Canadian songwriter Jenson Vaughan (Madonna, Britney Spears and Kelly Rowland).

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Darin says…

Moonlight,” is about leaning into your dark side, and not always intentionally. It’s about that compulsion, that part of you that takes over without your control – when the moonlight hits!”

When you’ve hit rock bottom what have you got nothing to lose. Everything and anything feels exciting when we are searching for somewhere to escape into. Be it dancing our cares away in the club or succumbing to vices. The effect is just the same. 

So undoubtedly, Darin will include these two newest songs, “Electric” and “Moonlight,” at his headline show in London. Also I am guessing, fans will have performances of tracks from his 2022, debut English-spoken EP “My Purple Clouds,” to look forward to as well. You never know he may well include some unreleased stuff too. However the occasion turns out, I am confident the chance to see Darin perform in such an intimate setting is a beyond special opportunity for UK fans.

There’s still time to grab a ticket for Darin’s special headline show at “Colours”, Hoxton on June 4th – HERE

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