There has been no name bigger than Sam Smith conquering the global pop markets this year, but you know how it is, you hit the big time and then little by little your past gradually catches up with you.

We can allow Sam some leeway when the online trophy hunters unearthed the particularly questionable early developed track “Bad Day All Week” earlier this year.

So the story goes, previous to Sam’s official debut album “In The Lonely Hour”, there was already another in the can on his way to the big time and his lift-off with Disclosure and Naughty Boy. Sam signed with Munich based Kosmo Records laying down tracks alongside their DJ clientele with the subsequent recordings under lock and key as the singing sensation began to be seriously noticed.

Seen now as an established new talent, we take it as given it was only a matter of time before some of Sam’s preceding catalogue of recordings would come to light.

The relatively new German-Columbian producer / DJ Freddy Verano was one such producer that Sam worked with on a piano house orientated track called “Moments”, and whilst it has also been that Verano himself and his productions have heralded a breakthrough through the German club scene this year, by throwing out an ace in your back-catalogue with the years darhling of new music, Sam Smith as your collaborator well you are sure to rapidly inject further interest are you not in your new single.

Actually though, “Moments” is thankfully at the rather good end of the scale of deep house imaginings and although, might be seen as a building block to the exceptional talent we know Sam Smith to be today, it is indisputably piano house groovy served up with lashings of earnestly executed soul.