Are you fed up with recycled pop songs? The ones that rely on heavy sampling and the ones that have endless cover versions. I feel this way sometimes. More than anything, I love to discover new music that breaks the mould. So, when I received a note alerting me to Canadian raised trans-singer-songwriter, producer and performance artist Russell Louder. (And upon reading their informative bio.) This artist intrigued me, that I wanted to find out more. Since they just dropped a new track, “Mirror,” I was able to do this easily.

I am glad I took a risk on Russell Louder. Their track “Mirror” was entirely what I needed. There is no lack of originality from this artist. They walk their own musical path. Some have compared their voice to that of Florence and the Machine, Eurythmics, or La Roux. There most definitely, is a powerful and ethereal quality present in the vocals. Where the vocals are both haunting and spellbinding at once. The other star of the show is the music, of course. This is where Louder comes into their own. By way of immaculate production and skittering off-centre electronica.

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“Mirror, mirror, nothing is clearer. If I can’t see her, I can’t believe her. Lover, lover just like the others. It’s funny what a reflection uncovers.” Russell exclaims

The lyrics explore doubt and deception in a relationship.

“Don’t want to be away from love. Don’t want to stay just for your love.”

These are the words of someone carrying a heavy emotional load. A person burdened with torment. And yet, the track is highly fascinating and intoxicating. This is a blend I can’t get enough of. So I keep listening. While it fills me with a sense of uneasiness, I truly think the song has cast a hypnotic spell over me.

I shall check out more of Russell Louder’s tracks right away. They have a rare musical maturity. Something major is occurring here.

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