Kate Boy are only too keen it seems to add to their arsenal of beat driven stomping electro pop of which they have served on us with often regularity.

It is also appears to ring with some truth to me that Kate Boy’s work manifesto is likeliest – if it’s working why change it! As Another signature impacting sound approach signals the arrival of Kate Boy’s latest offering “Midnight Sun” and along with its defiant alt-electro-pop edginess acts to formerly announce the debut album info that we have been left waiting on long time. This being – Title “ONE” and slated release date November 2015.

It’s not so much in this case that there is anything strikingly new here from Kate Boy on “Midnight Sun”, more that it is to be seen as consummately on the same page of thunderously sprawling, pop punchy rhythmic form as its predecessors.

But it’s enough to affirm that the upcoming album is shaping up to be crafted with some bang tidy production work on Kate Boy’s sonic scooped contemporary pop blasts, when it finally does arrive.