Oh my goodness, look at this! These days nobody could accuse Röyksopp of hanging about with the new music releases. It was only last month as a matter of fact, I tuned in to the YouTube livestream “Profound Mysteries II” Continuous Visual Experience. The wonderful, conceptual music art piece brought to my attention because of the splendid track “Oh Lover” with the glorious vocals of Susanne Sundfør. Soon after the duo released these stellar pieces of music. Röyksopp took to social media to announce “Profound Mysteries III“,

Again, the releases for the latest chapter of the project are appearing at supersonic speed. I felt it prudent to pause and take a look at “Me&Youphoria“, The latest track out from the duo. The song features the vocals of Gunhild Ramsay Kovacs. (Norway-based pop duo Bow To Each Other).

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Me&Youphoria,” is another example of what Röyksopp is utterly brilliant at. Chiefly this is fusing their electrifying blend of electronica with driving beats, helmed suitably with a beautiful, ethereal voice. In this instance, that of Gunhild Ramsay Kovacs. The blueprint of “Me&Youphoria” is a winning formula as far as I am concerned, a formula not unlike that used in the duo’s pieces when collaborating with Susanne Sundfør.

They were quiet for so long. Now the Norsemen are awakened, and all of a sudden there is no silencing them. In conjunction with this exceptional era, they are stepping up with vinyl releases. Announcing a deluxe 6LP box set housing all of the music from Profound Mysteries. Together, an exclusive 32-page booklet designed by Jonathan Zawada is complemented by individual 2LP releases for each part of Profound Mysteries.

The next instalment “Profound Mysteries III” will arrive November 18th, through Dog Triumph / [PIAS]PRE-SAVE HERE

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