Saint Lou Lou

By Mandy Rogers

Heavenly marshmallowly dream pop.  Twin sisters Saint Lou Lou rise on through to ink themselves with indie pop imprint Kitsune.

The effortlessly cool but perplexingly enigmatic sisters born and raised in Sweden and Australia strike up a chord in reflectively floaty fashion, dealing a billowing ambient sound that lines up in close proximity to the swirling dream pop amazinginess of fellow Swedish comrades The Sound Of Arrows.

Understated and yet by the same token all consuming and engaging by it’s subtlety and simplicity. “Maybe You” opens up to the raindrop effect. With every trickle of this calming dewy pop, a droplet of mind-blowing sensuous tranquillity expands into every corner of the mind, leaving a surge of soothing karmic synergy in its wake.

Decadently special on every level, why not pamper yourself and pick up a FREE minimix courteously of Kitsune HERE