It was practically a year ago that Norwegian electro pop trio Musique Le Pop were on the hot tip here on EQ where we flagged their irresistibly majestic single “Turn To Sand” as “One of the 4 minute wonders of the synth pop world that you’d be wise not to miss out on

As we now head into summer, Le Pop persons Chris, Betty and Jon return with a full EP dose of synthy wonderment in tow in the shape of the “l’été “ EP.

A veritable goldmine of summery drenched synth pop floating over dreamy undertones. The EP collection consists of five easy on the ear tracks, each courting a somewhat nostalgic character in addition to their upfront carefree nature.

Required listening alongside the inclusion of last year’s recommendation “Turn To Sand” comes the especially latin infused bubbliness of “Mateo”. Fitted with a noted undercurrent of Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita” running in conjunction to the light, sweet and dreamy vocal topline and middle bed of fluttery synth harmony. “Mateo” effervesces and fizzes away rhythmically as though in direct representation of a gently lapping sea, glinting with a sheen of speckled sunshine.

A tropically served imaging of audio beach pop. Summer is justly summed up in bars and melody of “Mateo”.