Jonathan Lee

By Mandy Rogers / Photo: Megan Cignoli

Canadian Jonathan Lee has centred himself most predominantly within the hip-hop ranks of mixtapes, collaborations and remixes, whereupon he’s garnered up a notable standing for his all encompassed creativeness.

A cheeky bootleg remix of Nelly Furtado’sManeater” blagged him 7 million views on YouTube no less before the record industry types discovered it and had it taken down.

The all round multi-talented force of the Lee is branching out with his first foray into electronic dance with a more than pleasant offering called “Make Up (On The Dancefloor)". Giving it some with the slider on the mixing desk, it’s a kinda mid-tempo house jolly of some sweet appeal that lies a little above the average effort and makes you want to jump up, stamp your feet and once over hit on repeat.

FREE download too for all to enjoy!