I am a firm believer that we should dream big and never give up on our goals, no matter how long it may take to bring them to fruition. You might now be thinking, well that’s a rather odd way to begin a music review. The statement does, however, form the crux around the release of the “Majestic” EP from Matt J. Cardy. Matt got in touch with me the other week, sharing the exciting news about the music project he had put on hold for a decade.

I knew Matt from back in the day when he was known as the aspiring pop artist Madison. He briefly teamed up with the electropop band The Ultrasonics (A blog favourite of ours of the time) also playing one of our EQ Music Live events in 2009. The last we heard of Madison musically, he’d been in the studio putting the final touches on his debut album. It turned out, it never got released as Matt’s career path took an interesting, turn. Modelling and acting work took him overseas. Matt shares “Three little months turned into YEARS away from home. The album was shelved, permanently.”

Being in lockdown had Matt reminiscing about his music project that never was. Looking through storage boxes, he stumbled upon an old computer hard drive and rediscovered the old demos. It just felt right that after all this time, if he could finally work on making the release happen, as he’d always intended. It has been an absolute, labour of love in the biggest, sense of the words. The “Majestic” EP has arrived. Although these tracks are now ten years old, they still hold up and resonate pretty well.

I must say when Matt sent over the EP to me, I had splendid fun becoming reacquainted with these songs. It was really nice to hear tracks like “Iconic,” “Club” and “Extreme” again, which I remembered from first hearing about on EQ and Myspace. In 2020, they have been given a brush-up, production-wise from David Ezra, so they are sounding their best for today’s digital music platforms, Spotify and Apple Music. There is just one other burning ambition, Matt wanted to see through, to make the project authentic to the time when these songs were written. Just, look at the freshly pressed black CD of the EP, which Matt has excitedly, shared on Instagram. I think it looks divine. What do you think?

To help you get an in-depth look at this splendid EP, here’s a nice behind-the-scenes vlog by Matt detailing the meaning behind each song on the record.

Connect with Matt J. Cardy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattjcardy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattjcardy
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mattjcardy/

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