It’s not like us to pass up an introduction to some new Scandipop, especially when our ears have been met with the resplendently fizzing, electronic-pop emanating by way of up-and coming Oslo bred duo Ohlayindigo.

It is usual to find Norwegian pop erring on the glacial side of the spectrum, yet something of a shift is now occurring amongst these Swedish neighbours where it seems a clutch of newcomers are going in and bringing more popcentric coloured hues to their tunes.

It hasn’t happened that we’ve yet, encountered anything as bubblegum braced as Norwegian stalwart Annie rise up out of the new music offerings to greet us for some time and to see that breaking through once more, may for the time being, be waiting in the wings to happen.

Infact, there is every good chance that San Francisco re-homed Norwegian act Ohlayindigo might be up for seeing us to rights in this matter, as their superb synth laced offering “Lullaby” really hits the mark some way in predictively filtering a developing sound which could very well take them to a place which is quite Annie in resemblance, if they should continue to go down this route.

Shying away from saccharine sweet wrappings, “Lullaby” fires up a rousing elixir of feverish beats met with enough glittery melody to decorate a synth-pop lovers playlist with an honest to unabashed goodness, effervescent character which all to seemingly effortlessly dances quite prettily on the ears.

The results playing out speak for themselves! In that this, glitzy electronic-pop offering is radiantly pulsing, pure A grade irresistible ear candy of the lushly, melodically gorgeous kind.