With the 90’s club/house revival on-going there hasn’t been quite so much indie-tronica around this year in comparison to last.

In as much as I do dearly love EDM, club and the alternative avenues of electronic music the Brit in me does kind of reveal and leap when an irresistibly arresting slice of indie-pop comes to light.

So happens that the debut offering from new artist T.O.L.D. (The Order of Life and Death) is one such brilliantly fine example of addictive indie-pop engagement.

Originally from the underground scenes in London and Birmingham T.O.L.D. has now made his way over to L.A. where he launches with “Lucifer’s Eyes” a delicately shimmery tropical popsicle of devilishly good indie-pop intervention.

It’s not always an easy one to capture the sound of the tropics in the format of song, often it leads artists to affect into the reggae genre in the quest to achieve a tropical hue upon a melody. Personally it is an action and direction, which falls somewhat short with me, as I don’t fully feel the longevity in those kind of made-to-measure and for purpose kind of tracks.

That said, having already experienced La Roux successfully dabbling with a tropical blend of electronics throughout sophomore album “Trouble In ParadiseT.O.L.D. has also successfully hit it bang-on with the inclusion of steel-pan drums.

I am quite S.O.L.D. on this debut from T.O.L.D. as all the power goes to the softly bubbling electronics and lilting refrains within “Lucifer’s Eyes” which are so hedonistically empowering that actually I think I may have just unwittingly danced with the devil.