The track “Lovesick” by the French pop project Hotline landed in my inbox during late December. To tell the truth, I was pretty eager to check out this submission because of, it’s European origins. As I am confident, great music is being produced by other places and countries than the obvious ones, continually, being brought to my attention. The months leading up to Eurovision usually, provide the richest of pickings. Hopefully, now the 2021 competition process is getting into full gear there will more new worldly music discoveries to become excited about.

Hotline is a pop trio which has burned with music ambitions for quite some time. It wasn’t until the first lockdown of 2020 occurred that Simon, Guillaume and Léo, finally took their ideas from paper, transferring them into recordings. Not unlike the vast majority of aspiring musicians. The guys of Hotline have made, good, use of being placed into quarantine. Finally getting their project off the ground with debut release “The Gram” back in October. Their, ditty conveying their thoughts about the usage of Instagram and social media. Took the trio from obscurity into the immediate gaze of the pop scene, earning an impressive, 10,0000 streams in just two weeks. Hopes are therefore high for the sophomore release “Lovesick.”

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Hotline comment that they are constantly, exploring new musical realms. By that admission, we shouldn’t expect them to be eager to replicate the sound of their previous releases. They launched with the lo-fi pop of “The Gram,” whereas, follow up “Lovesick” vibes with synth-pop stylings, hip-hop intentions and polished production. A fresh blend of pop from new faces. Another masterful notch up on the ladder as the band carry on with establishing themselves. We can’t use “Lovesick” as an indicator of what is coming from Hotline in 2021, but they advise we be ready because they have lots of music share. “Lovesick” is rather charming, armed with pop intentions and dreamy. A softer sound combination, which is, suitably fuelling my self-care induced downtime before heading back to the daily routines with the arrival of 2021.

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