It almost went over my head that Kiesza has been releasing new music and that she also has an album (“Crave“) coming out August 14th. I seem massively behind the times with what is going on with the Canadian singer-songwriter, as I’ve only just picked up that she’s been releasing new newness since January. Kiesza earned her break out in 2014 with club/dance tracks (Most notably, “Hideaway“.) In 2020 she’s working the 80s and 90s vibes. For the latest release “Love Me With Your Lie” she is very much in an 80s state of mind.

Being honest, it strikes me, as kinda strange, not more is being made of these new songs. As they are completely in step with the current music trends. So yes, she is now releasing independently through her, own label Zebra Spirit Tribe LTD but even so, there has to be millions of Kiesza fans, spread further afield than Canada who are blissfully unaware that the flame-haired songstress is dropping a new run of disco realness. “Love Me With Your Lie” feels, distinctly mid-80s synth-pop crossed over into disco. Imagine Sheena Easton’s back catalogue sprinkled with more glitter. These are the new flavours Kiesza is serving on her pop-menu, these days.

The chorus really is the bomb on this track, it goes off and has me spinning, all the way back to 1985. Much of this is owed to the production strokes of the Toronto producer Bobby Love. A new name, on-the-rise. Who until now has building his resume with high-profile official remixes and building a reputation for his brand of groovy house, music. It is Kiesza who has the goalposts set at, disco. The collaboration makes no haste in taking us to the midst of the era.

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