It doesn’t matter if the weather is raining or blowing a gale outside as whenever angel-voiced Hannah Jane Lewis is around, she always seems to bring the sunshine vibes along with her. And synth-pop, yes dreamily hued synth-pop, is also guaranteed a starring role within her music. The singer really came through with some down-right gorgeous tracks last year. I must confess, I happily got used to hearing her pretty, mesmerising voice, on a new track every other month or so. Thank goodness she hasn’t burned out on this trend and has carried it over spanning into 2020 as well. It is lovely to feel her presence once more with the arrival of the sparkling new track “Love Letters.”

With the feel of spring, now in the air, I’m ready for heart-bursting lyrics and sun-kissed grooves to begin making an appearance on the music scene. Hannah Jane Lewis with “Love Letters” is one music artist who is early on the case with a sublime combination of both. When I pressed play on the track and owing to the enchanting melody, I had the overwhelming feeling that I had somehow opened the door into a whimsical wonderland. (I am positive, it really wasn’t the case that being in isolation delirium has set in, and comes down to the nostalgic charm, the track has.) The spellbinding synth-work evokes a similar sense of carefree, breeziness which really, takes me back to the early 80s and The Dream Academy hit “Life in a Northern Town.”

The Hannah Jane track isn’t about singing a love letter to the north of any other part of the UK. As the songstress explains,

Love Letters was sparked by a meme I saw from the notebook that said ‘if Noah can write Ali a letter every day for a year, then he can text you back’. I’ve had so many friends who have cried on my shoulder about a boy or a girl who makes them feel hard to love – my younger self included! One that you make excuses for, one that makes someone question their self-worth. So this song is with that in mind, written for a friend, reminding us all that we deserve THE MOST – for it to be just like the movies.”

Aww, and there we have it, in her dreamy, whimsy Hannah Jane Lewis has turned Cinderella and brought the fairytale feeling to life. May I offer a suggestion, that after we have enjoyed this track, let’s say we all click our fingers and be brought out of the COVID-19 nightmare. (If only like the movies, it could be as easy as that.) Be like Cinderella, stay at home. Help to keep your family and friends safe. (Public announcement, over.)

! Tune in to Hannah Jane’s – “Love Letters” Instagram Live release gig – TONIGHT – 18:30 GMT (for an acoustic set and Q & A)

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