Inas X

Time has told me that when I’m alerted to new projects involving the guys of Kinetics and One Love I should sit up and take note. As these two more often than not, have happened upon a burgeoning new pop talent with a good deal of potential about them to which, K&OL have seen fit to nuture the development by collaborating in a pool of songwriting and production steerage.

As the roster of talent continues to grow. It’s all rather becoming like these guys can literally pluck these promising performers out of the NYC air! To first give a little bit of a role call to a few the acts K&OL have previously worked with, they impressively include: Neon Hitch, Bebe Rexha, Katy Tiz, C J Holland, Clairity and Melanie Martinez.

Adding to that number and more, I’ve just been alerted to Inas X, K&OL’s newest protégé. Who comes to notice with nothing much in the way of information about her, but a prompt she is being looked after Timbaland’s camp. With this in mind, we’d be expecting Inas X, introductory track to be chowing down a tad more urban beat pumping than “Love Is”, the unashamedly pop effort that we are presented with.

Put together as a celebration of the Supreme Courts decision, giving all Americans marriage equality. “Love Is” is a rousingly upbeat number of all encompassed joy and which just has the power to etch it’s catchy refrains into your brain in a split nano second.

It’s also giving me similar type vibes of EVVY another emerging pop starlet whose journey into pop we’ve been following.

Love Is” was put out to reinforce a message of hope and heart to others. This it does amply and with bags of positive energy.

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