Why fix something that’s not broken, right?

Producer Armand Deluxe and EQ favorite SIRPAUL have been releasing catchy, fun, carefree pop songs the past few months, including the raunchy “Touch Me” and uplifting “One Love“, and seem to keep rolling with the energy they have been creating. Their third official release, “Love In Stereo“, follows in its predecessors footsteps as a highly addictive piece of summer pop and one worth recognizing.

While Deluxe handles the summer feeling vibe of the electronic production, SIRPAUL gives the song of love some life with meaningful, controlled vocals. Together the combination of talents is a recipe for success. “Now is the time, so let’s go, come on and give me your love in stereo“, SIRPAUL sings on the track created with no real intention in mind.

“For me, not every track needs to have a ‘message'”, Deluxe says. “I just wanted a song that I could listen to in my car with the top down driving down some dirt track heading to the beach.”

Overall, the pair have come out with another hit that hopefully won’t be their last. Deluxe calls SIRPAUL his “musical husband”, a chance meeting with a person who gets what he is trying to do musically and artistically. We at EQ are glad to hear the two get along so perfectly!

Love In Stereo” officially hits music retails on August 12th!