It is almost time for 2023’s Eurovision craziness to descend upon us. The UK certainly is about to become embroiled in the hype again, especially since Liverpool is the chosen city hosting the event this year on behalf of 2022 winners Ukraine. Before the semi-final heats, get underway. I consider it a splendid idea if we enter into the spirit of the competition by first checking out some Czechoslovakian alt-pop, specifically the song “Lost Inside” by Ivo Blahunek, which I think is rather good.

Ivo is a singer-songwriter and producer coming up through the ranks. His music is known to dart about a bit on the pop spectrum. He finds joy in innovation and experimenting with various music styles. Nevertheless, wherever his music-making takes him, it is a pop aesthetic which remains at the root of his creative process.

In the instance of “Lost Inside.” This is a song conveying a message about fear, doubts and insecurities. Where Ivo is opening up a discussion on the condition of overthinking and impostor syndrome.

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“We create a prison for ourselves in our heads and do not realize that we are the ones who have the key to our cell.” Ivo explains.

Noting the sobering subject matter, you would be forgiven for thinking that the song “Lost Inside,” uses a vibe bordering on solemnity. When, in fact, introspection does play a significant part in this song, so does alt-pop appeal with a light sprinkling of synths and a generous helping of future bass.

What gets to me the most is the earnest lyricism and heartfelt songwriting style. Where Ivo’s penmanship noticeably reflects the sensibility of UK artists rather than imparting a European flair. The likeliest explanation is one or more of Ivo’s many professions, as an experienced translator and English teacher.

The anthemic song is bristling with modern pop production. Combined with Ivo’s assured vocal performance, these elements underscore how classic and relatable his music is for both new as well as old fans alike.

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