Tom Parker

Formerly The Wanted’s Tom Parker found fame as part of a boy band set-up and as such the onus was very much centered towards receiving mass mainstream attention through good albeit formulated pop songs.

Since exiting the pop arena as The Wanted, the band members are mapping out their new beginning’s and like Nathan Sykes is edging his way into a new music sphere of direction, Tom too is making in-roads into the realm of dance pop.

After cutting this teeth with his first production efforts Undiscovered” and “Finally” teased out at the end of last year, Tom hands-on approach has revealed a firmly grasped knowledge of where he sees his immediate future lies.

In as much that we could directly connect with Tom’s musicality and skills on these tracks, it did appear that Tom might have been shying away from the mic, enlisting other vocalists to front both tracks.

Whilst all was good in creating a re-introduction to Tom Parker, only we were slightly miffed that one of the golden voices of pop’s boy- bandom wasn’t being used in his new set-up, and that seemed something that should happen, if only to create a linear connection between the V1 Tom Parker – the boy band member and V2 Tom Parker as DJ and producer.

As on the promise of new material, materializing early into the New Year, Tom has all bases covered on latest track reveal “Lost In Your Love”. The house inspired release denotes a mature performance, one which has an extent of experience behind it and knows its own zone of clarity and re-focus.

It sure would be good to see Tom big up the radio waves with something as club orientated as “Lost In Your Love” is, even if Tom Parker V2 was keenest to leave some distance between his singing & new found career in production. Sometimes the two will just intrinsically go together, just is the way with Calvin Harris.