I’ve gone from thinking that The Aces were not the band for me to realising that they really are, all of that, actually. When releasing their pop/rock track “Daydream” about a month ago, I considered that I was taking a punt at writing about them. Now the ladies have unleashed “Lost Angeles” as the second single from the forthcoming sophomore album, and I realise that I was very right to go with my gut instinct on this one.

Lost Angeles” is about the dark sides of LA, and that experience of being infatuated by Hollywood and a new city, but then having the excitement and romance of it ripped away at the hands of heartbreak,” The Aces say of the song.

Having not visited LA, I associate the place with being baked in, day upon day of sunshine. A place where many attain to reach and where everyone feels the pressure to put on an act to fit in with society’s elite and affluent. I’d certainly be curious to go there, just to do some people watching. I think I would be alarmed by the excessive lifestyles of the rich and famous that reside in the Hollyweird hills though. Going by the lyrics of “Lost Angeles” it seems that The Aces found out to their dismay, this is pretty much the feelings the city of angels left with them as well.

Putting all of that aside about the song. What I love here is the classic pop melody and 80s style The Aces have gone with. Such carefree vibes and a melody which is pretty jolly with it. “Lost Angeles” is exactly the kind of song I would add as a must-have to my summer playlist. Totally works best when going out on a long drive as instantly would have me singing along with it. As I am unable to do any of this at present, I am currently thriving by existing in a bubble of imagination and daydreaming only. Nevertheless, the spontaneity, and catchiness, still works a charm.

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