April Towers

As far as emerging electronic bands go, you don’t get much nearer to the revivalist sounds of yesteryear than April Towers adeptly turned out, retro envisaged arrangements.

In the short time the duo have been together, they have become the renaissance tunesmiths with a foothold in the 80’s wonder year’s bracket of electronica, breathing new life into the defining style of the era with a pristine and polished outlook.

More than that, Alex and Charlie have proved time and time again that they are pretty astute at establishing gigantic melodies served by big ear catching hooks. Combine these with a slither of edgy, industrialized grit, and it’s noticeable that April Towers take a leaf out of the same sound patterns which steered the likes of Depeche Mode, New Order and Pet Shop Boys to the heights of acclaim.

In realizing new EP “Silent Fever”, the duo have made advantage of the opportunity to facilitate a collection which encompasses many of their latest released tracks; “A Little Bit Of Fear”, “Modern Psyche”, title track “Silent Fever” and now also issuing “Losing Youth” as its next point of focus.

Concentrating on a theme of recollection, “Losing Youth” sets out to bring to mind the enthusiastic optimism which implemented the very ambitions of wide-eyed youths who wouldn’t let anything stand in their way of achieving their goals. That when you grow older, you sometimes are left pondering if only you might go back and re-write your ow personal history. I think what it is really saying is not lose sight of your inner kidadult, keep a bit of that resilient fiery spirit back, to lead you through the roller-coaster journey that is life, always.

As such with the release of “Losing Youth”, April Towers continue to give out an intrinsic mix of indietronic, immersed electronic pop, bathed in thought provoking narratives concerning the human condition. Which far from being elective to a lesser minority of listeners are greatly appealing en-mass by the imposing nature of their music making stance and capabilities at all times.