When Tiësto’s name pops up on any dance track, it is pretty much given it will be amazingly, good. Such is the Dutch DJ and producer’s illustrious career and outstanding musicianship. Skills, which have seen him reach the top rung in his profession. And which he has continued to hold onto all the way through, to the present day. Incredibly he has notched up a new album (his sixth studio release) “The London Sessions.” A unique collection of, house, inspired tracks featuring top pop artists like Mabel, Rita Ora and Becky Hill who steer the London music scene. Also on board. There is a selection of newcomers like ILIRA, who joins the DJing icon on the track “Lose You.”

Tiësto isn’t alone in showing interest in ILIRA. I picked up on the singer when launching with the track “Whisper My Name.” And have kept casting an eye over her subsequent releases ever since. I do like that Tiësto sought her out to collaborate on the track ” Lose You.” Her commanding vocals sit perfectly on the track. I would go so far as to say, with “Lose You” the singer steals the limelight on the whole album. I feel sure it would have been lined-up as the DJ’s festival banger for this year. Although, of course, plans have become a little skewed in this respect.

The release is all about the intoxicating beat and the powerhouse vocal. I feel this stomper is in for the long haul. An anthem which will continue to be plucked out, and included in many of the DJ’s upcoming sets. When the green light is given to restart the entertainment sector. Re-open music venues and recommence gigs, etc. This is when “Lose You” will really take flight. Until that time arrives, the newly released lyric video is helping with keeping the momentum going.

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Facebook: https://facebook.com/tiesto/
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Connect with ILIRA
Facebook: https://facebook.com/iliraa/
Twitter: @iliramusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iliramusic/

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