Quite honestly, all I want today is to do nothing but listen to pop music. In particular, that of up-and-coming new talents is what I most desire. Despite writing about heaps of emerging artists, believe it or not, there is someone I have had on my radar but did not post about yet, who I happen to know is creating some serious buzz. She is the Irish pop artist KEHLI.

Since first cutting her teeth on TV shows, X Factor and The Voice, she has risen within music circles for a while. Often times I have noted that her style leans towards dance-pop. Bearing in mind the sluggishly slow morning I have had. I feel a jolt of freshly squeezed danceable pop is just the serotonin boost I need to fire me up on this hump day.

Ahead of her debut EP, releasing this summer, KEHLI is out with a dose of infectious pop mastery in the way of the Raheem Bale, Kali Clare, and Maple Goldrush-assisted “Lose U Now.”

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Oh, the relief that enveloped me when listening to her song. For once, KEHLI isn’t just another singer-songwriter discussing relationship woes. Instead, she is almost brazenly cooing about the love she has found with her significant other.

As well as uplifting lyrics, the song “Lose U Now” is made of a super fun vibe. Among the addictive pop beats, I can feel a full-on sugar rush of energy bubbling up inside me. This is a blast of electric pop made with an added effervescent glow of fizz. We are typically advised to watch our daily sugar intake. However, in the instance of KEHLI’s song “Lose U Now,” instead, I suggest that we turn these rules on their heads. I see no harm in indulging in the sweetness or the bubbliness of KEHLI’s song when it brings on an uplifting mood in as little as three pleasurable minutes.

KEHLI London debut headline show at the Sebright Arms April 27th – Tickets on sale 10am March 3rd HERE

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kehlimusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kehlimusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kehlimusic/