Belgian electronic pop duo Munatix wrote in, to give us the heads-up on their new track “Longing for Some Time With Me.” I was delighted to hear from Josh and Ricky about their Munatix project, as they are new to me. Also, because it is good to learn, electronic-pop music is thriving, in different parts of the world. Heading up their pitch with the caption “Do You Miss the 80s?” obviously helped with grabbing my attention as well. (A helpful tip for artists and bands to take on board when writing in, to blogs like ourselves).

Truth is, I am never going to become tired of listening to the retro-synth-pop sounds of the 80s. These stylings trick my brain into thinking I am still a teenager at heart (as I actually was during the mid-80s). A rekindling of the excitement and exhilaration. (The buzz I felt) from listening to electronic pop music, if you will. Munatix shares this same passion. Most importantly, they are the owners of some vintage analogue gear, and they know how to use it. (Whereas I do not).

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Longing for Some Time With Me” is the first track release of 2021 to get my adrenaline pumping. I’m finding it hard to sit still long enough to write up this post. My body just wants to be engaging in some freaky moves. (I am not needing any encouragement from Joe Wicks, I just need some beats as motivation from Munatix.) The duo explains they have had some pointers for this track. The music was written by Swedish synth fanatic ‘Lackan’. Munatix brought in their own English lyrics for it, added a bridge, and made some changes to the song structure.

Of the intriguing song title, Munatix says it is about, seeking a balance between love, realizing goals, in life and finding a comprise.

As far as I am concerned. This shizzle sizzles. Last year gave us future nostalgia, 2021 follows with retro-wow, here and now.

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