Often, I am notified about Zoe Wees, a new rising talent. The Hamburg raised singer-songwriter has amassed audio streams and a video count that clocks-up millions of hits. There is no disputing her phenomenal and unique voice sets her apart. Contrary to that, there is something else I am struck by other than her sensational voice. Most notably this is the songwriting and the remarkable emotional depth she uses in her lyrical narratives. The latest pop perfection comes from her, in the shape of her new single “Lonely.”A track where she continues to speak up about the weaker moments in her mental health.

Many online publications/blogs professed their love for her in the wake of Zoe Wees breaking out. With the latest release “Lonely” She is out with something strikingly different to her usual vocal powerhouse performances. Because of being quite the departure both in musical and vocal style, she is clearly, embarking on an adventurous new streak with “Lonely.” In this track, she shows her fierce rap skills for the first time. The song is a strange one, as it is rare that I vibe with rap/hip-hop, to be honest. Last year Zoe Wees teamed with rapper 6LACK for the song “That’s How It Goes.” In my opinion, this collaboration seemingly has lit a spark leading the music to take on the new direction we hear in “Lonely.”

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Speaking about the song, Zoe explained, “Releasing music has created so many new, great friendships and given me so many opportunities. However, I’ve often found myself in a lonely place even in a crowded room and many of my friends felt the same way”. She further comments, “I realized that you could have great people around you but still feel lonely. I also realized that your own feelings are more important than anything physical and that I want to be loved for being me and not for anything else”. She notes, “I’m growing day-by-day, and feel hopeful even though sometimes it makes me sad. I hope this song helps anyone notice they’re not alone in thinking the same.”

What you see is what you get with Zoe Wees. There are no gimmicks, just a young lady with lots of talent who prefers keeping things real!

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