I do feel privileged to have witnessed the spectacle of a Puzzle performance from close quarters at our last EQ Live show back in November. Being that we have built up quite an appreciation for Puzzle’s captivatingly stylish, electronic pop amid the enigmatic like persona of the artist who fronts it. The sense of mystery is going nowhere to being solved fast. It’s part and parcel of Puzzle’s identity, of which I more than approve. Because if it fuels my fascination, I know I’ll not be alone in my thinking, there are likeminded people out there who will think so too.

Therefore, it’s no revelation to me that Puzzle is steadily, bit-by-bit building a reputable name for himself and will be sure to continue to do so as he moves into the next phase with the release of the “Babylon” EP.

Honing in once more with Puzzle’s compelling interest of dissecting human conditions. We get our introduction to the next meticulous, electronic masterpiece through the sonically imbued lead single “Little Black Book” which puts the topic of human interaction in the digital age under the microscope. Examining unrequited love to casual encounters. Through Puzzle’s earnestly impassioned vocals assisting us in flicking through its pages to glean a little of the secrets revealed within. It’s one little black book which reads with plenty of insightful observation and sounds as spellbinding as it’s provocative, dark pop presence.