KittenIn rock star years, I suppose Chloe Chaidez could still be considered a mere kitten herself.
Sure, she may be short of a few birthday candles when it comes to the legal drinking age in her home state of California, but like any thirsty teen American, her ambition is her most intoxicating asset…and it shows!

Since 2010, she and her fellow band mates (Lukas Frank, Bryan DeLeon, Waylon Rector and Zach Bilson) have already engineered the release of two spectacular (yet very different sounding) EPs, shared the stage with punk-pop juggernauts Paramore and No Doubt, and are now about to embark on a major North American tour with none other than our very own little black-lipsticked cloud of gloom-pop, Charli XCX

It’s a lot to be cheerful about at this stage in the record industry game, so to celebrate, Chloe and the boys have gone back into the studio once again to produce one of this month’s most highly-anticipated releases, the “Like A Stranger” EP…

Rivaling even the headiest of 80s new wave anthems (it’s hard to believe the singer was born 5yrs after the decade ended) with its pulsating, pearly gloss-talgia, the EP’s title track comes complete with woozy synths, smoldering vocals and a breathy spoken-word bridge that would easily earn Chloe an A* in ‘Madonna Melodramatics’ class (it’s very ‘Vogue’!)

It’s certainly another departure from what we’ve previously heard from the band and Chloe’s edgier vocal efforts. Their last release ‘Cut it Out’ seemed to channel everyone from Florence and Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Lush and M83 but if “Like A Stranger” is anything to go by, the rest of the EP and forthcoming album in 2014 should be purring with shiny pop perfection and mature dance floor dynamism  from start to finish.

The “Like A Stranger” EP is available to download on iTunes from August 27th.