The sounds of summer are now upon us proper and in reaching for a definite to be inclusive in your beach party playlist mix, you’d do well to consider the shimmery pop touch of up and coming Welsh electro-pop trio XY&O.

The welsh have a rich heritage of music making and of being especially epic in the vocal tonality department, so there is a lot to live up to if you’re new on the scene. Although, having shared two tracks now in quick succession, XY&O can rest easy a little with the appreciative response they are attracting.

As little as a month ago in passing, the Cardiff based trio sent out the track “Low Tide” by way of introduction, onwardly recruiting an ensuingly impressive word -of –mouth circulation of on-line blog love.

Swiftly XY&O have returned to follow-up with an equally sunshine seared synth-pop cut “Lights On” which is punched through with an electro tropical undercurrent, set to perfect when chillaxing under the rays of the mid-day sun.

Worry not if a trip down to the beach isn’t on the agenda. Or if the sun has been ushered away under cloud cover, because whatever the weather is with you there’ll be an instant glow of sunshine beaming down from the mingling of pop, electronics and sweeping hit of brightly jewelled melody lines when you hit play on the tracks coming from XY&O.

Heed our advice, press play, listen in and soak up the sun to “Lights On”.