It’s been in the works for some while, yet are we happiest in hearing the announcement of Femme’s debut album “Debutante” coming to us this spring.

As one of emerging pop’s most glamourous figures, we have turned to Femme on the regular to keep our alt-pop fires burning with her deliciously off-centre penmanship and quirky beats.

The Femme panache is so unique. It’s like the uber cool of uber cool and if it was ranked in fashionista hierarchy with which Femme associates herself, it would come out on top form elected in status – a supermodel.

Like a supermodel, Femme’s approach to making pop is contoured, striking and the epitome of stylish. Reveling in authenticity and of born of experimental creativity. An overall package of cosmopolitan allure.

The album introduction is served by the trip-hop fronted, “Light Me Up”. Itself, a skewed beat laden slice of determined electronic pop attitude which reaches out frongs of rallying empowered enlightenment.

A blitz of uncompromising energy which when unleashed won’t wait for the dust to settle around it, rather be it that from here-on-in, a promised maelstrom of maverick pop activity begins to see this “Debutante” long player is received by culture seeking modernists and left-of-field pop appreciative individuals alike.