Canadian pop artist Holly Elle brings out her powering vocal chops to the biting point of electro-pop prowess on current single “Lifeline”.

Coming from a background whereby she has received full classical training, it is evident in Holly’s command of performance along with the conviction that exudes from it, that Holly is very much an artist of some substance and an accomplished topliner at that.

Current release “Lifeline” has been produced by Issac Hasson who is commonly noted for his work with Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez and having worked already with two successful pop princesses, we get the feeling that this production with Holly Elle proves to be of an altogether power-pop mama experience, such is the towering reach of Holly Elle’s vocals.

Lifeline’s” first point of engagement comes via Holly Elle’s larger than life R’n’B directed vocal flair which when set to a bubbling electro-pop dance beat, replete with pounding bursts of EDM accentuation in the affirming chorus section, further add weight upon the vocal narrative derived of a heart-a-pumping from feeling the spark of electrifying love take over.

Lifeline” is a consummate pop-effort from both involved parties and one that deserves more than the occasional turntable spin, as it is finds itself seated in the evergreen category of timeless and enduring. Happen that if we were to listen to it in a year from now we’d still be feeling the same towards it, which in an ever-evolving pop world is a mean feat in itself.