From YouTube and Vine, this is how aspiring Toronto based youngster Shawn Mendes has enabled a burgeoning and rapidly rising singing career over the past year.

As a user of the social media sites, 15 year old Mendes became fascinated with seeking out cover songs on these mediums, intrigued and inspired by discovering differing interpretations of current hits and the like, gave Shawn the impetus to have a go himself.

Duly via YouTube Shawn began uploading covers spanning Ed Sheeran, A Great Big World, Lana Del Rey, and instantly began to amass interest. However, when Shawn took these renditions over to the newly emerging social media site Vine, it was to prove a prudent move since, the site which enables users to upload footage of 6 second clips, went wild over Shawn’s Vine of Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”. Thus now amassed of 2.5 million followers later, the sensation has since inked a deal with Universal and is now ready to go with his debut single release “Life Of The Party”.

The release of “Life Of The Party” is propelled by fan power, as not actively promoted to radio by the label, maybe the fans who have gotten Mendes where he is as of now have the key to nabbing Shawn a hit song over the industry regulated routes!

Anyways, the debut “Life Of The Party” a simple piano ballad, does much to highlight the youngsters soulful vocal tones whilst generated with an overall anthemic pop sensibility, embracing of an empowering nature.

Main point in coming through to prominence in this way, there is no disputing the call of the one true pure talented voice of Shawn Mendes, it’s sprung up from his cover songs and made it’s way untainted by vocal editing fixes to adorn and articulate the debut single, which it does so with an effective alluring appeal of empowering pop-ballad engagement.

Right out of the: go out there and go for it, sentiment from the lyrics of the song itself, could well turn out to be reflective of gaining some chart success with “Life Of The Party” for Shawn.