The reunion of the electro-rock group Sohodolls happened fortuitously. In a way, nobody might have predicted. Following their impactful debut album “Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation“, the band have not been active in a long time. When out of nowhere, the band’s iconic 2007 track “Bang Bang Bang Bang” unexpectedly went viral on TikTok. A trend sparked among the Gen Z glitterati. With this in mind. It so happens that of all people, Madonna posted a clip on the platform. It was of her daughter Estere Ciccone performing an original choreography to the Sohodolls classic. (As part of the ensuing TikTok trend). The Sohodolls took the serendipitous act as a cue to reform. And now they are back, back, back, back, with brand new music, with the divorce anthem “Letter To My Ex” (Thank You, Goodbye).

I am glad to say the sound of the Sohodolls in 2022 is not unlike the band of 2007. Chiefly because the entrancing vocal of Maya Von Doll hasn’t altered in any way. Considering the music works well, what’s the point of fixing what isn’t broken? So in terms of music, the band picked up where they left off. Taking cues from new wave and electro-pop polished off with a punchy rock edge for an added shade of angsty pop and darkness.

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In short. There isn’t much explaining to do regarding the song lyrics. The song title alone does the work of spelling out the anthem’s statement of intent.

Nonetheless, should anyone be in doubt, Maya posted this statement on Instagram…

“3 out of 5 Sohodolls marriages end in divorce. Can you guess what the next single is about?”

Since they slipped back into their stride almost effortlessly, Maya’s posts on Instagram suggest that we can expect to hear more from the Sohodolls going forward. If true, I am pretty excited by this news.

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