Acclaimed American singer-songwriter Omar Apollo reaped notable success with his 2022 debut album “Ivory.” A release which brought to light Omar’s diverse musical skillset through a collection of songs that spanned the indie-rock, Latin-pop and trap genres. Similarly, Omar positioned himself as one to watch. And subsequently earned himself a Best New Artist nomination, at the 2023 GRAMMY’s. Now going into his sophomore album era, he is building on his multi-genre style once more. Doing so in pre-album release singles “Spite,” “Dispose Of Me,” and synth-laden latest cut “Less of You.”

Omar’s latest musical release represents a significant foray into the electronic realm, marking a departure from his previous work. Upon listening to “Less Of You,” it is apparent that this new direction in sound not only complements Omar’s soulful vocal style but also adds a layer of depth and complexity to his music. The infusion of Daft Punk-inspired vocoder effects further enhances the track. Creating a unique Euro-pop flavour that is equally infectious and filled with dance-inducing energy.

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The driving single showcases a new musical direction for Omar. The track is stemming from his exploration of London’s nightlife while recording his upcoming sophomore album “God Said No” last year.

During his three-month stay in London. Omar confidently sought inspiration in the serene ambience of rain-soaked streets and the profound works of poets like Mary Oliver, Victoria Chang, and Ocean Vuong. In an interview with Rolling Stone for the May issue. Omar boldly emphasized the significant impact of iconic artists such as Kate Bush, Labi Siffre, Giorgio Moroder, Beyoncé, and Lana del Rey on his creative process during his time in the British capital.

Omar’s remarkable versatility across musical genres truly sets him apart. His recent foray into a disco-inspired sound in “Less Of You” is a delightful departure from his usual style. The results of this experiment are undeniably impressive, showcasing his ability to effortlessly transition between different musical genres. It is my express wish that this exploration of disco is just the beginning of a new creative direction for Omar, and I eagerly anticipate the possibility of him further developing and refining this unique musical styling.

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