I got the heads up about Nicole Dash Jones debut track “Lego” weeks ago. I have been especially looking forward to this release because of the glorious use of synths, catchy 80s inspired hooks and powerful vocals.

Born in London and raised in LA, a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter. Nicole Dash Jones has built a notable reputation as a songwriter and featured artist on numerous dance-orientated offerings. Appearing on Mau5trap, Anjuna Beats and, 9T90 Records. (A label set up by Nicole and Finnish producer Samuel Hills to release dance records by Hills + Dash.) Marking her debut as an independent artist with the track “Lego.” She liberally splashes around with the kind of neon-lit sounds that we are used to hearing in many John Hughes movies, back in the day.

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It is so good to hear a female artist link up with the nostalgia sounds of the 80s. In this track, Nicole translates the vibrancy of the era with a suitably electrifying vocal performance. If you were wondering. The song is not a promotion for the colourful, plastic toy building blocks you probably played with as a small child. Although the lyrics do make reference to plastic dreams. Hinting that the relationship she is in has entered an unstable phase. Further on in the lyrics we find out. She has the kind of perseverance, where she is determined not to let go without a fight.

OK. So “Lego” exhibits a theme that most female artists from the 80s used at some point in their careers. It was extremely common, (even more so than today), hearing ladies singing about their latest squeeze. “Lego” is very in keeping with the era in this respect. Remember also, there was an abundance of teen movies at the time with killer soundtracks. The 80s was the era for dreamy, love songs. Many were ignited with explosive neon melodies and stamped out with electrifying beats. Nicole Dash Jones has bottled more than the essence of this. With assistance from producer Samuel Hills. Their interpretation of 80s electro-pop is resoundingly, strong.

Her debut album is coming out in 2022. So you might want to start getting excited now. Add “Lego” to your playlists. Hit repeat and chase the winter blues away.

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