My general reaction to new cover versions of “Last Christmas” is typically not overly enthusiastic. This lukewarm response has nothing to do with participating in a festive game of Whamageddon. I am indifferent to cover versions of the track because I receive at least ten new ones every year. Instead of overkill. I feel it would be nice if artists would consider recording a Christmas song that goes beyond the Wham! classic. That is all.

It takes a lot for me to be curious about a new version of “Last Christmas” when it happens, special circumstances apply. Being a favourite artist of EQ Music Blog, McEwen is one of the fortunate musicians I will always listen to. The first time I listened to (Adam) McEwen’s version of the Christmas classic, I wasn’t as dismissive as I might usually be. I listened to the track with a lot of interest and a great deal of intrigue.

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Knowing his work inside out. I didn’t expect Adam’s stab at the track to be anything less than stellar. He instantly had me under a spell with his sparkly reimagining. I came away with a new appreciation for the track.

What I will say about the vocals. Adam has done an extraordinary job. Absolutely, well and truly nailed them. This is the best version of the track I have heard in a long time. I’m not just saying that. In fact, I am more hyper-critical of the track “Last Christmas” than any other festive offering. Furthermore, I appreciate that he recreated the original cover art to pay homage to George Michael.

So much for the tomfoolery of Whamageddon. Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael (although posthumously) game is still strong. At the time of writing. Wham! “Last Christmas” is #3 on the UK Official Singles Chart. Finally, 36 years after its release, it reached #1 on the 1st of January, 2021. Also, cover versions do not apply when playing Whamageddon. So dive in on McEwen’s to your heart’s content. I highly recommend you do it.

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