Downtown Drive

By Mandy Rogers

The might of our most successful newest British boy bands
have been adopted with welcoming arms both internationally, globally and most
notably by our friends over the pond in America. 

Here’s a new tack with newbies Downtown Drive. This fresh
faced and easy on the eye foursome are from Scotland, previously known as
they took to YouTube and fed it some harmonious and pop stunning covers,
that not only attracted them an audience but were also spotted by the mights
behind the industry who flew them stateside where the stuff of dreams happened
– they were immediately inked a deal and began working with notable writers and

So America has already got it’s power behind one of our
bands before they’ve worked it here first, well yes our boy band market is
probably more saturated here anyway, so this action seems to prove something
actually good to happen here.

About a month ago Downtown Drive through open their debut
single “L.A.” to their adoptive U.S. homeland and kinda hushly followed –up
with a U.K. release a couple of weeks later. 
Surely, it would have passed me by had their name not briefly appeared
on a piece of unrelated PR in my inbox, ( and that I endeavour to go through the
majority of my leads that pour in).

I’m glad I investigated further on this! as debut single
L.A.” is a joyful explosion of crackling pop glitter, up-tempo and signature
polished pop savvy with more grabbing hooks in it than my coffee cup mug tree

L.A” is absolutely something kinda you EQ’s might be into,
it’s something kinda power pop, something kinda boy band harmonious and
something kinda better than the average joe’s. 

With every play the initial glow keeps growing the more I’ve
got into it, which means the itunes has already heard the kerching of my
purchase and I’ll be keeping a keen watchful eye out for their next move. 

L.A. - Single - Downtown Drive