Take more than a glimpse at Mabel here, will you concentrate on her face a quick minute! Are lightbulbs now going off in your head? Do you now notice a striking resemblance to a circa late 1980’s pop star? One further hint! A Swedish born female rapper who ignited the charts with her cutting edge urban sassiness?!

If the name you were thinking of was Neneh Cherry you can now give yourself a pat on the back, we can clearly see those family genes right there in front of us, as Neneh’s daughter here with her Massive Attack producer husband Cameron McVey, is quite the image of her mother.

Largely it is inevitable that if the family line stems from such a chartered and successful career in music, at least some of the creativity has got to rub off in some way onto the next of the family generation. This however, wasn’t quite par of the course for Mabel, having been exposed to the life on the road lifestyle of a popstar as a youngster and pretty much absorbing all the inspiration that her parents embraced in their chosen music career choices. Mabel sent herself through college to unbelievably learn even more of music theory and production.

With all this wealth of music and musicianship now instilled into her creative streak, it is now that Mabel McVey steps forward to present, very much her own debut single “Know Me Better”.

What has travelled down the family music bloodline into Mabel, are the warming tones of soulful imparted pop presence, the hedonistic aura of Massive Attack’s largely sonic orchestrated works whilst softly hinting at a trip-hop fusion of glowing vox capacity.

There is no escaping it, Mabel is the chip off two blocks, both of them very much revered for their contributions to music throughout the years.

In Mabel we have a new Cherry-McVey member that appears every bit as astute as her forebears as debut “Know Me Better” gives much deeper impression of her own abilities, which radiate outwards not so unsurprisingly with the clarity of future star quality.