KISSMEKILLMEWhat would James Bond’s “A View to a Kill” be without Duran Duran? Frozen’s “Let It Go” without Idina Menzel? What about Star Wars without John Williams? Without a proper soundtrack you have a visual spectacle without a proper immersive quality to suck you into the story line. With the latest gay murder mystery film Kiss Me, Kill Me from Spellbound Productions that isn’t a problem as they have called upon the hands of SIRPAUL to compose a spine tingling title track that lets you know what to expect from the film before you even step foot into the cinema. Pure. ADRENALINE.

This isn’t the first time that Spellbound Production’s Casper Andreas has called upon SIRPAUL to dazzle up the soundtrack of his films. Many may remember that a few years ago SIRPAUL had created the very electro pop rich title track to Going down in La La Land. This time it was SIRPAUL feeling the inspiration from Casper: When I read a tweet from Casper that he and David Michael Barrett were working on a new gay murder mystery film called “Kiss Me, Kill Me”, I immediately was inspired to run into the studio to write and record a song. (It’s a great title, isn’t it?) It turns out they loved the song so much they chose to use it as the theme song for the movie.”

Unlike that title track from Going down in La La Land with the electro feel that we’re used to hearing from SIRPAUL, Kiss Me, Kill Me brings a whole new edge and we like it! Enter in the pulse pumping electro rock club banger. Don’t worry, he doesn’t lose that electric touch that we all love him for! Entering in with heavy breathing and a police siren, your intuition is letting you know something bad is about to happen. Deeper in with the heavy techno-like bass line and the angry lyrics as you listen, you begin to wonder… Who’s the next victim of the murderous soul?

If you’re loving the track as much as we are. Go out to see the film! While you’re watching the movie, keep an eye out for the night club singer. You might just be in for a surprise at who graces the big screen!