For so many reasons, (not the least the escalation of the dastardly COVID-19 coronavirus, worldwide) it has been quite a miserable week. I am, of the opinion what is, really needed, are some serious pop vibes to help with getting us out from under this funky cloud of constant bleak news which has descended upon us, during the last seven days. Whilst we are all pretty much muttering, TGIF! Global pop sensation Ava Max with her latest empowerment stomper “Kings and Queens,” has the antidote to save New Music Friday and additionally lift us all up when we are most in need, as well.

Produced by Cirkut with RedOne, “Kings and Queens” boasts a brightly, emboldened, electronic-pop groove. Where regally orchestrated verses lead their way over to dynamically, anthemic choruses. The track sounds like the stuff, Eurovision used to be made of, many moons ago. Save for the confident, self-empowerment, promoting lyrics which are definitely, of our time.

Ava affirms, she’s “No, damsel in distress, don’t need no one to save me.” The singer further clarifies, “You may think I’m weak without a sword, but if I had one, it would be bigger than yours.”

This majestic pop track signifies that she has left behind her “Sweet But Psycho” ways, and is marching towards the hugely anticipated debut album release, due to arrive later this year. I couldn’t be more excited than to hear this track today. And cannot expect for a minute when the release date was set, (undoubtedly, some weeks ago.) Ava would have contemplated, how needy we would be, to have the powerful track, light up our lives, in this challenging week, of all weeks. But, “Kings and Queens” is here, and it’s extremely inspirational fearless pop. A healthy dose of irresistible electro beats met with uninhibited lyrics. Taking a lead from “Kings and Queens” which serves as a taste from the debut album. 2020, will be the year Axa Max properly, invades the pop culture landscape, for sure.

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